For those of you who draft your own patterns, do you "pencil and paper" it, or use a computer program? I am trying to figure out CorelDraw and am struggling a bit, so bounce between the two methods right now...


Mod post

Sadly, Livejournal seems to be overrun with spam entries lately and communities are suffering. I'm sure you're all tired of seeing spam appearing on your friends lists as much as I am.

I mark each and every one of these spam entries as spam when I delete them, so that LJ moderators know these accounts are probably bot accounts, and I remove the transgressor from the member lists as well so they can't post anymore, but I grow tired of having to ad-hoc remove entries whenever I see them pop up on my friends list.

This is why I'm setting the community to have all new posts queued for mod inspection. I'm sure you all understand.

This basically means that:
1) If you post to the_corsetiere your entry will not show up right away.
2) A moderator will have to look at each entry before it can be posted to the community.
3) There will be no more spam entries in this community.
4) I can pro-actively delete users from the community if they submit spam entries (for cigarettes, porn, or other non-agreeable off-topic items or services)
5) You will see less spam.

Normal entries will not be affected, only delayed a bit.

Of course you may comment with your objections or contact me directly on janestarz [a]yahoo [dot] com should you want to discuss this in private.

Thank you for your time and attention. Now get posting some about corsets!
(Second post in a row, second MOD post in a row. Where are the corsets?!)

Spam entries

Lately I've been noticing some spam entries popping up on the community. Please note that all posts should follow the community rules. You can find the rules here. I've recently removed two postings containing nothing but a dubious video I do not even want to try and play.

Every posting that is considered off-topic will be removed. By off-topic I mean things like posting entries that have nothing to do with corsetry, or crafting/sewing/bespoke/tailoring.

Now let's get back to corsets!
Sewing - machine

Underbust pictures

A friend of mine, nathreee, had a very specific idea of what she wanted her costume to be. We both participate in live roleplay and I love dressing her, because she reacts so well to pretty costumes, and what's even better is that her husband beams at her when I dress her up.
She took care to design her costume herself, but I helped her with her corset.

In November she wore the costume for the first time, but I noticed that the underbust corset I made could use some extra boning, because there was a wrinkle or two in the front. I just recently completed the extra work, and as Nathreee was visiting last weekend we took care to take some pictures.

Nathreee at the event in November.

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Sewing - machine

16th century-inspired Bodys

It was a project taking over four months, but I finally finished my bodys. It is part of a new costume I'm making which is due in a little less than three weeks. The bodys were the trickiest part of the costume, and I am glad that they're done.

For the record: I know the bodys might not be 100% accurate, historically speaking. It was never intended to be 100% accurate. Let's just say that the costume is 16th century inspired, and leave it at that.

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There's a more extensive description of the project on my own journal in eight installments, with 60+ photo's of the process and elaborate descriptions of my pitfalls, the dress, the inspiration and the perspiration.

I'd love to hear your comments!